What to look for in an auto mechanic school

Youve decided that you want to take your love for repairing cars and turn it into a career. Now its time to start your search for a top automoti... Continue Reading..

Job duties of an auto mechanic

An auto mechanic is responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of automobiles. The auto mechanic will use all of his (or her) knowledge an... Continue Reading..

Qualities of an excellent auto mechanic

An auto mechanic diagnoses and repairs auto vehicles. The way a parent takes their child to a pediatrician, a car owner takes their car to be cared fo... Continue Reading..

Specializing as a ship mechanic

A ship mechanic is responsible for keeping the ship engine running. They may work solo, or they may be part of a bigger group, it depends on the size ... Continue Reading..

What you'll learn in auto mechanic school

As an auto mechanic, youll be expected to work on cars and trucks efficiently and proficiently. You will have to know how to inspect an automobile ... Continue Reading..

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