What to Look for in an Auto Mechanic School

The repair school you go to shapes you as a mechanic. Start your career strong by picking a school that meets points on this checklist. You k... Continue Reading..

Job Duties of an Auto Mechanic

What do mechanics do every day? You have a good idea already, but the huge amount of variety may surprise you. Auto mechanics take care of th... Continue Reading..

Qualities of an Excellent Auto Mechanic

Repeat business and a good reputation come easy if you are strong in these areas. Auto mechanics all diagnose and repair vehicles, but not al... Continue Reading..

Specializing as a Ship Mechanic

Becoming a ship mechanic is a process, but if you love maintaining systems and don’t mind being on board for six to eight months, it can be a gr... Continue Reading..

What You'll Learn in Auto Mechanic School

How do you become a car mechanic? Start with your two-year training, then increase your abilities and earnings through training and certifications.&... Continue Reading..

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