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Marine Mechanic

Powerboats, sailboats, and yachts are just a few of the projects you could have the opportunity to work on. Love boats? This specialty would be a great fit for you. Float away from the rest; point your compass toward a career as a marine mechanic. 

Education in Marine Repair

When you choose the path of a marine mechanic, you will receive specialized training, in addition to the courses required to earn your certification as a general auto mechanic. Apprenticeships are available for marine mechanics after completing a formal technician training program that specializes in watercraft repair. 

Your Marine Technician Career 

Different types of watercraft need specialized mechanics with training, expertise, and experience in each design. As a marine mechanic, you will be required to inspect and repair the mechanical and electrical systems of these complicated machines. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 6 percent increase in marine mechanic jobs through 2026, adding approximately 4,700 jobs. 

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