Becoming a Mechanic

Master Mechanic

You have the ability to inspect, repair, fabricate and rebuild just about anything. You have worked hard to become a master mechanic and have completed training on light and heavy equipment, including cars, vintage vehicles, trucks, diesel vehicles, bulldozers, buses and marine watercraft. 


You must receive your high school diploma in order to attend one of our accredited mechanic schools to pursue a career as a master mechanic. Working on and practicing your craft is one of the many ways to master the art of becoming a mechanic. 

Your Career

As a master mechanic, you have mastered the craft of highly skilled and complex mechanical repairs. As excellent auto technicians, master mechanics typically work on vehicle transmissions and engines. Customer service is an important element of the master mechanic position as you will interact directly with the customer while troubleshooting issues with their vehicles. 

The job of a master mechanic is physically demanding and mentally challenging while providing rewards and accomplishments truly unique to the industry. Apply today - receive information from one of our carefully selected schools - master your craft as a master mechanic. 

To learn more about the industry and becoming a master mechanic, make sure to review our common career questions.

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