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Mechanic Technician

The name may be different everywhere: lube technician, junior mechanic technician. As a mechanic technician, you’ll work alongside auto mechanics completing tasks basic tasks, but also learning more high-level mechanic duties. Maybe you were lucky enough to have auto shop classes in your high school and learned some of your skills then. If becoming a mechanic technician is your goal, then read on. 

Job Duties Of A Mechanic Technician

What you’ll actually do and how much experience will be required to fill the position will vary by location. But, the most common tasks you’ll be expected to know are:

  • Changing oil
  • Changing and balancing tires
  • Doing front-end suspension
  • Tune ups
  • Recharging or replacing batteries
  • Inspecting brakes
  • Automatic and manual transmission tuning

As with any other job, you should be able to work without much supervision once you’re off on your own. Since you’re in a customer-facing position, being a people person is absolutely necessary.

How To Become A Mechanic Technician

There are always many job postings for entry-level mechanics, or mechanic techs with minimal experience under their belt. The majority of want ads have a small list of requirements necessary for potential employees to meet.

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Some background in mechanics
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Strong desire to learn the trade
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pass the pre-employment drug screening
  • Pass the background check
  • Prove you’re a team player
  • Ability to work weekends and evenings

You may need to have a year of experience in order to get hired. Depending on where you work, training programs or tuition reimbursement may be offered. Certification opportunities may also be available, which will help you climb the mechanic career ladder. Full-time workers are very often offered sign-on bonuses and benefits such as insurance and 401(k) matches. Paid time off and paid uniforms may also be part of your sign-on package. If there’s something you want, then you can always try to ask for it while negotiating your sign on.

Salary And Job Outlook Of A Mechanic Technician

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for mechanic technicians was $51,940 in 2023, with the top 10 percent of mechanics earning $77,630 or more. Between now and 2032, the BLS expects employment for technicians to increase slightly by 2 percent. This translates to an added 67,700 job openings for auto techs each year over the next decade.