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Motorcycle Mechanic

You love the roar of the engine and the freedom of the open road. You are meticulous with your own bike and help your friends repair theirs when mechanical issues arise. Could a motorcycle mechanic or small engine repair career be in your future?

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Education Requirements In Motorcycle Repair

A high school diploma is required before you can be accepted into a mechanic school. Becoming a motorcycle mechanic is a unique specialty. Once you attend a mechanic school, you will select courses that will help you focus on this specialty.

Your Motorcycle Mechanic Career

As a motorcycle mechanic, you will be asked to diagnose, adjust, repair, and/or overhaul motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles. From the most routine adjustments to extremely complicated cases, motorcycle mechanics must be able to diagnose issues and perform all types of adjustments and repairs. Most motorcycle mechanics typically work for dealerships and specialized repair shops.

From a fully-dressed Harley to a dual sport, you love to ride, but more importantly, you love to work on the bike. This specialty allows you to work exclusively with all types of motorcycles and customers who share your passion for the open road. Apply today to start your career as a motorcycle mechanic and enjoy the ride!

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