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Once you graduate from mechanic school and receive your ASE certification, you will have the right tools in your toolbox to access a variety of career opportunities. Different mechanic jobs have their own list of responsibilities along with varying salaries.

Various career opportunities available to you include:

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel vehicles need a special type of mechanic to assess the specific needs of these unique engines; providing a demand for diesel mechanics. On top of your generalized auto mechanic training, you will also receive specialized training that includes work on diesel engines and vehicles.

Vintage Car Restoration

If you’ve seen the television shows like American Restoration or Restoration Garage, you know that this very specialized field needs skilled technicians with knowledge of classic and vintage vehicles. A vintage auto mechanic would have the opportunity to perform body work as well as work under the hood.

Master Mechanic

You have mastered skills across the field and have the ability to work on a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks and even buses. As excellent auto technicians, master mechanics typically work on vehicle transmissions and engines. A lot of times this position requires a customer service element as you may also interact directly with the customer and troubleshoot issues with their vehicles.

Collision Repair

As a mechanic who chooses a career in collision repair, you will always be in high demand. From the most minor to severe collisions, this specialty is an art form all its own. You will be responsible for part replacement and repair on all types of vehicles.

Marine Mechanic

Boats, jet skis and other watercraft need mechanics, too. If you have always loved working on boats, this specialty could be a great fit for you. When you choose the path of a marine mechanic, you will receive specialized training, differing from the courses required to earn your certification as a general auto mechanic.

Motorcycle Mechanic

From a fully-dressed street bike to a dual-sport, you love to ride, but more importantly you love to work on them. Motorcycle mechanics are in a high demand and require specialized training. This specialty allows you to work exclusively with all types of motorcycles and customers who share your passion for the open road.

NASCAR Mechanic

Beyond the pit stop, NASCAR drivers and their vehicles need specialists passionate and knowledgeable about their high performance cars. You could be the difference in a win or a loss for a driver and their sponsor. Love NASCAR? Put yourself in the drivers seat and take the fast lane to a career as a NASCAR auto mechanic.

Aircraft Mechanic

Take your career to new heights, you will not be 30,000 feet off the ground, but you can specialize as an aircraft mechanic. Specialized classes, that focus on aviation mechanics and design are offered in addition to general mechanic training. Get on-board, your career as an aircraft mechanic is waiting for you.

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