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IntelliTec College has a mission to build a better community through quality and excellence in career training. The goal is to produce skilled, employable graduates through its certificate and associate degree programs.

Since 1965, Colorado-based IntelliTec College has been training people for various careers. Campus locations include Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Pueblo.

Each of the IntelliTec College campuses has a dedicated team of Career Services Advisors to assist graduates in getting employment. This valuable assistance helps you find a job in your area of specialization.

IntelliTec College’s programs reflect locally in-demand careers: Every six months, teams from the campuses meet with Program Advisory Committees of local employers in each career field. The employers talk—and IntelliTec College listens! This means their experienced instructors are teaching you exactly the skills and knowledge that local employers want job applicants to have.

Automotive Technician

Train hands-on in a simulated automotive repair shop to work on various makes and models of cars.

Can you believe more computer technology exists in today’s cars than in the first Apollo mission? That is why IntelliTec College trains you to work on today’s modern and sophisticated automobiles in its real-world automotive repair facility.

Your training will help you analyze, troubleshoot, and repair in a wide variety of careers—from specialty technician to master technician.

IntelliTec College’s certified and experienced instructors have a real passion for the automotive industry and strive to prepare you to become qualified automotive technicians.


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