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What Does a Hybrid Vehicle Technician Do?

Hybrid Vehicle Technician Job Description

The job of automotive technicians has evolved from traditional mechanical repairs to high-level, technology-driven work, due to the popularity of hybrid and electric cars.

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

A standard hybrid vehicle has two modes of power production. Some are mainly powered by an internal combustion engine with extra power supplied by an electric motor. Others are powered by the electric motor with a backup gasoline engine that kicks in when the car runs out of its electric charge.

On top of all the parts of a gas-powered car, hybrids have an electronics system that regulates and operates charging functions and battery power use. This includes separate batteries, electric motors, and monitoring systems.

What Does a Hybrid Vehicle Technician Do?

Hybrid vehicle technicians inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles that run on both gas and electric power. Fixing problems with these systems requires the use of high-tech shop equipment, when working with electronic parts, as well as traditional tools.

Responsibilities Specific to Hybrid Vehicle Technicians Include:

  • Battery/electric systems replacement and repair
  • Follow all hybrid vehicle and shop safety rules
  • Perform in-depth mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Build High-Voltage and Low-Voltage electrical wiring
  • Build junction boxes, power distribution boxes and fuse boxes
  • Communicate technical diagnoses and needed calibrations
  • Continued education: learn new hybrid information and techniques through online/instructor-led training
  • Maintain necessary hybrid/electric vehicle certifications

How to Become a Hybrid Vehicle Technician

Hybrid technicians are generally trained to work on a particular type of car and often specialize in models by a single manufacturer. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Nissan all have their own unique hybrid models and often offer their own training programs that technicians can attend.

It goes without saying that it takes more specialized training than a standard mechanic job to become a hybrid vehicle technician. Along with training for specific car models, some hybrid-specific positions even require an associate degree or higher in electrical/electronic engineering, mechatronics engineering, or related field. A background in electrical work is also a plus when getting into this industry.

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