Take the First Step Toward Your Mechanic Career Now!

Attend Motorcycle Mechanic School Online

To become a motorcycle mechanic, you can take physical courses at a local school, complete a fully online program—or even mix the two kinds of education, in some programs. With online how-to videos and virtual tours, you can learn a lot of information without leaving home.

What You'll Learn

Online training programs can prepare you for entry level work as a motorcycle mechanic. An online diploma training course will teach you the basics, such as the following from Penn Foster's motorcycle repair technician program:

  • Intro to Motorcycle and ATV Repair
  • Engine Configurations
  • Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Clutches, Transmissions, and Drives
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Brakes, Wheel Assemblies, and Tires
  • Frames, Steering, and Suspension
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

How You'll Be Taught

In a fully online program, you can expect to do a good amount of reading and examining diagrams. You might have a textbook and written worksheets to fill out, or all your material might be done right on your phone or computer. There will be instructional videos to watch and repair simulations.

Many programs will give you access to student services, tutors, and personal success coaches, all to help you learn material and finish your program well.

Advantages Of Online Mechanic Courses

Whether you know lots about motorcycles but still want to learn more or are starting out and need a full training, getting help online can be the perfect move for you. Having formal credentials can help you secure jobs and win trust, and the knowledge you gain can increase your confidence in repairs.

Disadvantages Of Online Motorcycle Mechanic Courses

In competitive areas, you may need the relationships you form from taking classes in person to catapult your career. Also, unless you enroll in an accredited program, employers may doubt the validity of online courses. In addition, your choices are currently limited, as just a few online schools offer these programs.

Be prepared for other potential hiccups when you attend a motorcycle mechanic school online. For example, if you can't figure something out from a tutorial, then solving the problem without a instructor there to help you in person will be difficult.

Are Online Classes For Me?

With online courses, you could be completed with training in as few as 4 months. Attending school online is a great option for people with schedules that would otherwise prevent training. If you want to keep your current job and have other obligations, then it can be a dream come true to be able to complete motorcycle mechanic school in your spare time.

It doesn't work for everyone, though: You need to have motivation and discipline. It's much easier to make excuses about attending classes and finishing homework through this format.

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