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Auto Mechanic Wages Continue to Rise! (2023 Data)

In April of 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an increase in average annual wages for auto mechanics in 2022. Wages increased to $49,690 on average with an hourly average of  $23.89. This is an increase from $47,990 in 2021 and $46,760 in 2020. The increase in wage is great news for anyone interested in becoming a mechanic. 

We’ve gathered information about the top-paying states and industries for mechanics here. Read on to learn more.

Top States for Mechanics

States that employ the most mechanics:

  • Texas - 61,200
  • California - 60,500
  • Florida - 48,650
  • Pennsylvania - 31,580

States with the most mechanics are highly populated and are highly dependent on cars for transportation. Cars always need maintenance which means there is a need for many mechanics in these states. 

Highest paying states for mechanics:

  • Alaska - $60,640
  • California - $58,980
  • Washington - $56,260
  • New Jersey - $55,100

States with the highest pay for mechanics are areas that have a higher cost of living on average, like Alaska and California. It can also be tied to the demand for mechanics in that area. 

Top Industries for Mechanics

Industries that employ the most mechanics:

  •  Automobile Dealers - 250,680
  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance - 234,810
  • Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Retailers - 51,430
  • Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OEWS Designation) - 15,750

Highest paying industries for mechanics:

  • Telecommunications - $91,870
  • Natural Gas Distribution - $84,150
  • Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing - $79,410
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution - $76,940

Mechanic Employment Outlook

Employment outlook is projected to remain steady for mechanics through 2031. Despite changing technology, mechanics will still be needed to perform basic maintenance on all types of vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicles. Mechanics are also needed to maintain other types of motor vehicles including airplanes, trucks, buses, and boats. As pay increases for mechanics, there has never been a better time to find mechanic training near you. Find a school near you now!


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