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Take To The Road As A Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle mechanics work on maintaining and repairing traditional and nontraditional motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, and mopeds. They are also known as a small engine mechanic in the industry. Because of the mechanical similarities to motorcycles, you can work on outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers and tractors as well.

How To Become A Motorcycle Mechanic

Because most small engines are complex, employers look to hire graduates of formal small engine repair training programs. Introductory courses at motorcycle mechanic schools cover concepts in tools and safety, and some will offer you the opportunity to specialize in different types of engines. Programs also cover engine diagnostic issues and problem-solving techniques.

Where You Can Work

Upon completion of a motorcycle technician program, you can seek employment with a motorcycle, boat, or outdoor equipment repair company. You can also find employment at marinas, equipment rental companies, and repair facilities. To keep skills current and increase job opportunities, you should attend manufacturer or industry seminars at your local motorcycle technician school as well as other industry events.

Training Will Make Your Career Easier

Between now and 2032, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for small engine mechanics to increase steadily by 3 percent, translating to an additional 9,000 job openings each year over the next decade. Those with formal and specialized training should have better career opportunities in the field.

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