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Auto Restoration: Bringing Your Vintage Car To Its Full Potential

Vintage cars are a direct representation of American history: the trials, struggles, and successes of the past. Vintage car enthusiasts and mechanics alike take sincere pride in restoring classic cars to what they once were, what they once represented.

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Earning Your A&P License

What do you need to work on planes and helicopters? Mechanics need their A&P certificate from the FAA.


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​In The Fast Lane—The Nuts And Bolts Of A NASCAR Mechanic

Can you work with precision and speed? Are high-performance cars the vehicles you’d love to work on? Here’s how to get the career you want—that of a NASCAR mechanic.

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​The Ins And Outs Of Vintage Car Restoration

A career as a car restoration mechanic combines mechanical expertise with art. Here’s how to get into the field and what you’ll do.

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Take To The Road As A Motorcycle Mechanic

Want a career working on motorcycles or small engines? Start here.

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​Areas Of ASE Program Certification

Pass the certification tests for the ASE Automobile & Light Truck category to show employers and customers you know what you’re doing on cars, SUVs, and trucks.

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​Auto Body Repair Technicians

As an auto body repair technician, you’ll perfect customers’ cars after they’ve been damaged. First stop to becoming one? A collision repair school.

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Scholarships For Automotive Mechanic School

If you’re enrolling in mechanic school and need some extra cash to pay for school fees or supplies, then you need to check out these automotive scholarships!

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What To Expect In Mechanic School

Are you gearing up for mechanic school? Let's talk about what to expect once you’re enrolled in an auto mechanic program. Here’s a quick rundown to help you get started.

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