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How Long Is Mechanic Training?

In this article you’ll learn how long it takes to complete a mechanic training program. We’ll cover different types of programs like automotive technology, aircraft maintenance, and diesel technology.

Automotive Technology

To complete a certificate or diploma program in automotive technology takes about 1 year for full-time students. Going to school on a night or weekend schedule will normally add a few months. Here are some schools and the actual length of their automotive technology programs.

Arizona Automotive Institute - Automotive Service Technology program is 1 year from start of program to graduation.

Porter & Chester Institute - Automotive Service Technology program takes “as little as 12 months.” That’s with a full-time day class schedule.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute - Automotive Service Technician Diploma program is 50 weeks (1 year), with 1,200 total clock hours.

Tidewater Tech - Automotive Technician Diploma program is 48 weeks for full-time students.

UEI College - Automotive Technician program is 11 months.

Lincoln Technical Institute - Automotive Technology program takes approximately 56 weeks or 1 year and 1 month. That’s a 60 credit course with 1,560 hours of instruction.

Aircraft Maintenance

An aircraft maintenance training program takes close to 2 years to complete. As the schools listed below show, some take a little longer, and some are a little shorter.

San Joaquin Valley College - Aviation Maintenance Technology program Certificate of Completion in as few as 17 months, or an Associate of Science degree in as few as 22 months.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology program takes about 2 years to complete.

National Aviation Academy - Avionics Maintenance Technology program ranges from 17-24 months in length.

Diesel Technology

Diesel technology certificate and diploma programs take about 1 year to complete. Here are two example schools and the length of their diesel technology programs.

Lincoln Technical Institute - Diesel and Truck Technology program takes about 56 weeks (a little over 1 year). That’s a 63 credit course with 1,560 hours of instruction.

Arizona Automotive Institute - Diesel-heavy truck program is 1 year from start of program to graduation. The length of each program listed above is taken directly from official school resources. As always, you should confirm this information by talking with your potential school.

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