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​What To Expect At Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repair School

If you want to work for Harley-Davidson, then attend a motorcycle repair training school. Harley hires trained motorcycle mechanics from many trade school programs, not just Harley-specific ones.

Still, receiving formal Harley-Davidson training is a help in getting hired as a Harley-Davidson mechanic—it's a common line item in the "preferred" section of job postings.

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Admissions Process

Most motorcycle repair schools require a high school diploma or GED to qualify for admission, but some programs have additional requirements, such as having a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license.

You will need to fill out an admissions application and be accepted into the school of your choosing. An admissions advisor will talk to you about the process and programs. Part of the admissions process includes helping you go after financial aid.

Harley-Davidson Program and Class Details

Harley partners with different schools to offer training for its early and late model bikes, as well as performance options training.

One of the most popular schools with a Harley-Davidson concentration is the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), with campuses in Phoenix, AZ, and Orlando, FL. It offers a Harley-Davidson elective you can take to complement your core motorcycle curriculum, for a combined training time of as few as 11 months.

During the Harley-Davidson training program, students learn:

  • How to inspect a Harley engine
  • How to disassemble and reassemble a Harley engine
  • Engine troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Electrical design and operation
  • Performance testing methods
  • Precision measuring
  • Suspension systems operation and design
  • Advanced electrical testing and training
  • Service department operations

Average Costs of the Program

The cost of a Harley-Davidson program will largely depend on which school you choose and what program you enroll in. For example, a 48-week Harley-Davidson program at MMI costs approximately $33,000 - $34,500 for out-of-state students (uti.edu/disclosures). This is before any applicable financial aid. 

Career Prospects After Graduation

Most Harley-Davidson jobs call for technicians who have a high school diploma and trade school mechanic training—specific Harley-Davidson training preferred—but the exact hands-on experience and other requirements will vary by employer.

Two of the jobs you can obtain after graduating from a Harley-Davidson program are Harley service and repair technician and Master Harley service technician.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for motorcycle mechanics in 2021 was $41,970 (bls.gov).

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