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Qualities Necessary To Be A Great Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics all diagnose and repair vehicles, but not all can keep people coming back for help with their cars. For starters, owners only want to go to mechanics who are trustworthy and skilled. What are some other qualities of good mechanics? Having strength in these areas will make you well liked and successful at work.

Honest In Everything

A negative image exists in some people’s minds: the mechanic who makes unnecessary repairs or lies about what is broken. Customers are at your word, and good mechanics never take advantage of them. It’s policy to tell customers what is wrong and get permission to make the repair before doing so. In addition, mechanics who keep the final bill close to the quote earn a lot of respect from clients.

Incredible At Customer Service/Communication

Great mechanics have exceptional people skills. They communicate effectively with the client to better understand the problem. Good mechanics explain what is wrong and detail the necessary repairs in layman terms so customers understand what’s being said.

Great At Diagnostic/Problem Solving

Not only can good auto mechanics quickly diagnose a problem, but they also know how to fix it just as fast. Customers are eager to get their cars back on the road as quick as they can. Mechanics can assess a situation and address it in a way that saves the customer money when possible.

Against Poor Work Ethics

Being committed to your job is an outstanding skill to have. Getting to work on time, staying after, and doing it all with a good attitude shows great work ethic. Being organized, using awesome analytical skills, and providing excellent care to both the vehicle and the client—that is someone who takes their job seriously, and people take notice.

Knowledgeable Of The Game

A strong technical aptitude is an important skill for an auto mechanic to possess. They should also be up to date on the constantly changing state of the industry and tools/machinery that go along with it.

Certified In ASE Areas

Getting certified through the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is standard for auto mechanics, and it translates to the customer that the technician is highly skilled. There are nine different areas to become certified in for cars and light trucks, and the more you have, the more marketable and sought after you’ll become. Specialization in air-conditioning and heating, brakes, engines, steering, electrical systems, electronic performance are among some of the areas where you can become certified.

Learn How To Be One Of The Best

If you want to be a mechanic but wondered if you would be good at it, measure yourself in these areas. The great news for everyone is that any of these are learned traits. You just have to be willing to put in the work. Find an auto repair school near you to get started.

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