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Scholarships For Automotive Mechanic School

If you’re enrolling in mechanic school and need some extra cash to pay for school fees or supplies, then you need to check out these automotive scholarships below!

AHF Charles V. Hagler Scholarship

$200 - $2,000. This is a scholarship given out through the Automotive Hall of Fame and is given to currently enrolled auto mechanic or engineering students at an accredited college or university. All you have to do is prove you’re in an accredited school in the auto mechanic or engineering program.

Alma And Anton Zucker Scholarship

$200 – $2,000. Already completed one semester of mechanic training with a 2.5 GPA? Then this scholarship is for you! The training program you’re currently enrolled in also needs to be from an accredited career college or university.

Scholarships For Diesel Mechanics

Amount varies depending on the aid you receive. If you’re looking to go into diesel mechanic training, there are financial aid services available to you. Read more about the Pell Grant and other like it for an understanding of what you may qualify for. There are also diesel mechanic school loans and work-study programs you can apply for on the same website.

Honda Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund

Amount varies. You must be currently enrolled into an auto mechanic program with a major in either automotive technology, manufacturing management, service management, diesel or heavy equipment, or automotive training.

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