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Training Needed To Become A Certified Mechanic

Anything with a motor is your passion, and everything about automobiles is interesting: You get a certain thrill when taking a car from broken down to running well. While you already know a lot, you can go even further in your training and make getting hired easy.

Auto mechanic school will give you the skills you need to become a qualified professional. Here is what you need to do to become a mechanic.

Before College Or Trade School

If you are still in high school but already know you want to work with cars as an auto mechanic, take classes now that will help you in the near future. Concentrate on electronics, repairs, math, and English. Touching up on communications and customer relations is also a good way to prepare.

Educational Expectations

You may have taken auto shop in high school, but there is still another step to take to complete your training after you’ve graduated and are 18 years of age. More often than not, you will need a degree to be hired. There are various certifications and degrees you can work toward: Trade schools, community colleges, car dealerships, and car manufacturers all offer training programs. Trade school will certify you in programs such as automotive mechanics and automotive technology in six months to a year. There is also a two-year associate of science through a community college or a bachelor’s from a four-year university.

Course Overview

In any of those routes, you’ll be familiarized with all the tools of the trade—from the basic to the complex. Mechanics use a lot of tools, and it’s important to have working knowledge of them and how to safely use them to complete a job.

Classes for those going after a career as an auto mechanic will include topics such as electrical systems, brakes, automatic and manual transmissions, steering and suspension, emissions, and more.

These training programs provide excellent career preparation by having you do hands-on work as well as sit through classroom instruction.

Licensing Expectations

As licensed mechanic, you will need to be ASE certified. To obtain this certification, you need to have a minimum of two years' experience in the field or one year of school plus one year of work-related experience. The ASE certification proves to potential employers that you are not only fully qualified for the job but deserve better pay, as well. There are nine areas in the cars and light trucks category, and if you complete the first eight of them, you’ve earned the title of master mechanic—a designation coveted by employers.

Mechanic Training Programs Get You Ahead

While anyone with the right knowledge can work on or fix a vehicle, it’s those with the formal training who get hired the fastest. School provides you with valuable instruction and the experience companies want to see. There’s training near you; select your state to get started on your education.

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