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How Much is Aircraft Mechanic Training?

how much is aircraft mechanic training

Becoming an aircraft mechanic is one of the more unique jobs you can have in the industry. If you are someone who has an interest in taking your skills off-road and to the sky instead, becoming an aircraft mechanic might be the perfect fit for you.

Learn about the process of becoming an aircraft mechanic, along with what price points you might expect for your schooling.

What Do Aircraft Mechanics Do?

Aircraft mechanics, also known as aviation maintenance technicians, conduct repairs and perform maintenance on various aircraft. Aircraft mechanics are also responsible for carrying out necessary inspections to ensure the plane itself is safe and any work performed on it has been successfully executed.

Responsibilities of aircraft mechanics include but are not limited to:

  • Diagnose mechanical/internal electrical issues
  • Repair wings, brakes, electrical systems, etc. within the aircraft
  • Replace defective parts
  • Test and troubleshoot
  • Inspect work
  • Maintain records of maintenance/repair work
  • Test electronic components using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, and voltmeters
  • Use flight data to interpret/identify potential problems
  • Assemble and install software/instrument panels
  • Repair/replace components
  • Maintenance work

Of course, the job of an aircraft mechanic is an important one with little room for error. You might wonder what type of schooling is needed to make an aircraft mechanic as good as he or she can be? And what tuition rates go alongside this schooling? 

How Much is Aircraft Mechanic Training?

Schools across the country will have different costs associated with their programs. The exact rate of an aircraft mechanic program will vary depending on a few factors such as type of program (certificate or degree), location, and whether or not a student will also be in need of room and board.

With that in mind, aircraft maintenance programs tend to range from $18,000-$56,000. Bachelor’s degree programs are responsible for the more expensive end of tuition rates. The good news is, however, that aircraft mechanics are not typically required to have bachelor’s degrees.

Many certificate programs and associate degrees are FAA approved and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future. Both reflect a more affordable price point, as well. Certificate programs tend to range on the most affordable side, usually falling between $18,000 and $23,000. Whereas earning an associate in aircraft maintenance likely falls between $29,000 and $35,000.

Financial aid is also available to students who qualify. Learn more about financial aid opportunities and your options at your selected school.

Time it Takes to Train as an Aircraft Mechanic

Like tuition, the length of your program also varies. Earning your associate degree as an aircraft mechanic generally takes two years to complete.

However, there are some certificate programs that can be completed sooner. Some can range from about 12 months (attending school full time) to just over 21 months. Regardless of your program, before you can work independently as an aircraft mechanic, you must take and pass all required FAA exams.

Our Partners Offering Aircraft Maintenance Training

We’re happy to partner with many of the leading schools providing aircraft maintenance training. A few of our partners are listed below:

San Joaquin Valley College

With locations across California, San Joaquin Valley College is a great choice for West Coast students to excel in avionics.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

With many locations in states throughout the country, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance helps students throughout the U.S. to excel in avionics.

National Aviation Academy

With one campus in Florida and one in Massachusetts, the National Aviation Academy is there to help northeastern and southeastern students to excel in avionics.

Looking for other mechanic schools? Find a school near your area offering mechanic training today!

Aviation Mechanic Salary

Becoming an aviation mechanic can be a great career choice for the adventurous, mechanically-inclined mind. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aircraft mechanics earned an average of $72,640 in 2022, with the top 10 percent making $108,200 or more.

Take the first step toward becoming an aircraft mechanic today by finding schools in your area. Explore your options and select the school with tuition rates that best align with your needs and financial situation. Also, be sure to check into any financial aid that might be available to you.

While the cost of schooling can be an obstacle for many, the opportunities that come along with being an aircraft mechanic are great. If you are mechanically-minded and enjoy the idea of working on larger machinery and engines, then becoming an aircraft mechanic may be a great fit for your future.

Explore schools offering aircraft mechanic programs near you today!


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