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How Much Does Mechanic Training Cost?

Of course, the exact price point of automotive mechanic training can vary depending on school, the exact program, how long your training will take, location, etc. The research we have done, however, shows that mechanic the price for training school or trade school program can average between $15,000 and $25,000.

Read further to learn more about possible program costs depending on which mechanical career you'd like to pursue, along with links to some of our partner schools, and possible financial aid opportunities.

Cost of Auto Service Technician Training

Automotive service technician certificate and diploma programs at the schools we have researched take around to 10 to 12 months to complete. Tuition at the schools we have looked at typically ranges between $15,000-$20,000. Applicable financial aid will reduce costs for those who qualify. It's important to keep in mind that these prices do not include room and board or additional expenses. 

If you want to become an auto service technician, it's also encouraged to become ASE certified —  earning your ASE certification can give you a competitive edge when applying to different shops.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive service technicians in 2023 earned an average of $51,940, with the top 10 percent making at least $77,630.

Our Partner Schools Offering Automotive Service Technology Programs

Arizona Automotive Institute: AAI combines classroom learning with hands-on experience to prepare students for a successful career as a mechanic. Training can take as little as 13 months.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute: STVT offers five convenient locations to help you get the career-focused training you need to succeed across Texas. Students learn from experts in a simulated shop environment.

Tidewater Tech: Students at Tidewater Tech are instructed on the important hands-on applications of mechanic training — including Vehicle Safety Inspection test preparation.

UEI College: At UEI, students are supported in training by a staff that also prioritizes their future. With resume development, interviewing prep, and job placement assistance, students are supported as they prepare to enter the job market.

Lincoln Technical Institute: Working with widely-recognized manufactures like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, etc., Lincoln Tech tailors their training toward sophisticated systems that drive the modern auto industry forward.

Find a local auto mechanic school now.

Cost of Aircraft Maintenance Training

Aircraft maintenance training programs generally take 18-24 months to complete. Many of the aircraft maintenance programs that we have researched fall within the range of $35,000-$56,000. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aircraft mechanics earned an average of $76,260, with the top 10 percent making $114,750 or more in 2023.

Our Partner Schools Offering Aircraft Maintenance Training

San Joaquin Valley College: With a program approved by the FAA, students will prepare to test for their licenses and certifications relating to their aircraft maintenance technology majors. 

Aviation Institute of Maintenance: The AIM responds to the needs of students with the technical future of the aircraft industry in mind. Students are provided specific services, classes, and support to build a strong foundation for a career in aircraft maintenance.

National Aviation Academy: For nearly a century now, NAA has offered quality and comprehensive training programs in aircraft maintenance. For students who qualify, the NAA allows students the privilege of earning their certifications directly after graduation.

Find a local aircraft maintenance training program now.

Cost of Diesel Mechanic Training 

Diesel mechanic training programs typically take a little over one year to complete. Many of the diesel mechanic programs we have researched fall within the cost of $24,000-$34,000. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that diesel engine specialists earned an average of $59,920 in 2023, with the top 10 percent making at least $82,430.

Our Partner Schools Offering Diesel Mechanic Training

Lincoln Technical Institute: Training is maximized at Lincoln Tech; students get to work hands-on with high caliber diesel engine technology. This is not limited to trucks, but tractors, off-road construction equipment, buses, and other machines.

Arizona Automotive Institute: The comprehensive diesel program at Arizona Automotive Institute prepares you to work hands-on with large equipment, and to sit for the certification tests you need to become a successful diesel mechanic. 

Find a local diesel mechanic training program now.

Getting Started Today! 

Again, the tuition rates we have gathered while conducting our research can give you a realistic idea of what costs to expect when getting a degree or certificate in auto, aviation, or diesel mechanic training. However, they do not reflect our partner schools' prices, nor the price of every mechanic school in the U.S. 

Find a mechanic school near you, and contact their admissions department for a more specific idea of what you can expect. Getting the proper training can give you the strong foundation you need for a great career ahead of you. 

Remember, these program costs are not yet adjusted by any financial aid assistance you may receive. Learn about financial aid for mechanic school.


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