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How Much Does Mechanic Training School Cost?

The cost of automotive mechanic training at these schools averages between $15,000 and $20,000. The actual cost of your program will be related to your location, how long your mechanic program takes to complete plus any highly specialized training involved. Most of the automotive service technology programs offered by our partner colleges are within a few thousand dollars of each other.

Cost Of Auto Service Technician Training

Automotive service technician certification and diploma programs at the schools we researched take close to a year to complete and the tuition costs between $15,000 and $20,000 dollars.

Arizona Automotive Institute - Automotive Service Technology program is a little over $19,000 for tuition and fees. This does not include living and other expenses.

Porter & Chester Institute - Automotive Service Technology program tuition and fees is estimated a little over $17,000. This does not include living and other expenses.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute - Automotive Service Technician Diploma program estimated tuition and fees is $18,360, not including personal and other expenses.

Tidewater Tech - Automotive Technician Diploma program tuition and fees costs close to $15,500 according to their net price calculator, not including living and other expenses.

UEI College - Automotive Technician program cost is close to $20,000, not including living and other expenses.

Lincoln Technical Institute - Automotive Technology program tuition is $17,900. This does not include room and board or the student life fee.

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Cost Of Aircraft Maintenance Training

Aircraft maintenance training programs generally take 18 months to 2 years to complete with tuition costs at our partner schools being between $35,000 and $56,000 dollars.

San Joaquin Valley College - Aviation Maintenance Technology 2 year associate’s degree program total charges for students completing on-time in 2019 is $35,526.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology program tuition has a median cost of $56,000.

National Aviation Academy - Avionics Maintenance Technology program costs $38,500 including tuition and fees.

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Cost Of Diesel Mechanic Training

The cost of diesel and heavy truck mechanic programs at our partner schools is between $24,000 and $34,000 dollars. Not including expenses such as room and board or personal.

Lincoln Technical Institute - Diesel and Truck Technology program estimated tuition cost is $34,050 according to their net price calculator. Not including room and board or other expenses.

Arizona Automotive Institute - Diesel-heavy truck program tuition and fees is close to $24,000 not including books, supplies, living expenses and other costs.

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As always, you must confirm this information by talking with your potential school’s admissions department. These listed prices are only meant to be a close approximation, though we used each school’s official net price calculator whenever available.

Also we did not adjust these program costs for financial aid assistance you may receive. Learn about financial aid for mechanic school.


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